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(1)   I.C.U. Investigation Specialists offers a three vehicle surveillance team making their surveillance second to none.

(2)  I.C.U. Investigation Specialists offers clear and precise video combined with a picture log not offered with standard investigation companies

(3) Our team of Hospitality experts are working with the top 150 nightclubs, restaurants, and hotels, in South Florida offering the most informative reports in mystery shopping and theft detection.

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Florida Association of Licensed Investigators (FALI)

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Anthony C. Plisko      

Headquarters located in Deerfield Beach, Florida
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Welcome to I.C.U. Investigation Specialist Agency's home on the web. Our Trained and Certified Investigators are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to expertly provide you with dedicated and confidential investigative services.


FIND that winning piece of evidence?

Quickly LOCATE a key Witness?

SERVE PROCESS at a moments notice?

Our legal investigation department is dedicated to providing lawyers, law professionals, and individuals with investigative services needed for a successful resolution in both Civil and Criminal matters.


Who you're really hiring?

What your employees are doing while you're gone?

If you're being watched?

Our trained professionals strive to provide employers with the tools needed in today's businesses to successfully prevent losses due to employee theft and drug use.


Why your spouse is acting strangely?

Where long lost relatives are?

If you are being followed?

If someone is watching you?

We offer both professional and cost effective investigations to help the individual make the right decision in resolving personal and professional matters.

  Our Mission  

We pride ourselves in knowing that we provide our clients with a wide variety of precise investigative services at affordable prices. We are dedicated to obtaining the truth by using the latest technology and by attending continual update seminars on the latest and proven methods of investigation.  Clients are confident that our experienced investigative team will provide them with the most reliable information needed to help them achieve their goals.  Thank you for visiting our site. 
-A. Plisko




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