We offer several types of small and large-scale legal, civil, corporate, and general investigations at affordable prices. Our services provide our clients with the necessary tools to achieve their goals and save them time and money.

The Legal Investigator

A trained professional who searches out the facts to which the attorney can apply the law.

Legal Investigations

Criminal and Civil

Locate potential witnesses, suspects, and subjects of legal matters 

Interview and interrogate potential witnesses and suspects for and against the client

Locate and interview expert witnesses

Conduct background investigations on all potential witnesses and parties involved in the case

Review evidence of both sides and seek out new evidence

Supply examination diagrams and photography of the crime scene or accident scene

Domestic Investigations

Asset checks

Surveillance / Counter-surveillance

Process serving

Corporate Investigations

Applicant and employee screenings

Restaurant/Nightclub Procedure Review

Tenant screenings

Surveillance solutions

Background checks

General Investigations

Background investigations 

Missing persons

Skip-trace/ runaways




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